First day in Belgium: Brussels

We left early morning at 4 am to Pulkovo and after a 5-hour flight to Amsterdam and finally Brussels, I was pleased to discover at the arrivals, the famous rocket from “Tintin” comic strip. Belgium is very famous for its many comic strips and the most iconic one is Tintin: the adventures of a Belgium reporter traveling the world and getting into many adventures with his dog “Milou” and his best friend “Captain Haddock”.
After a 30 min ride by train, from the airport, we arrived at “Brussels Midi Train Station” and we walked to our our host and friend’s place Nicolas! I was so glad to see him again! We didn’t see each other for the last 6 years and we had many story to tell each other!!! Nicolas took a week off just for us so he was our guide for the whole day) We took us to a typical Belgium restaurant called “Houtsiplou” in Dutch, it means: “У чёрта на куличиках”! But it was no far at all) There, we had tasty roasted boar, large veg salad and a big plate of “Stoemp”: a large sausage with carrot and potatoe puree and bacon! It was very tasty and affordable!
We then visited the “Manneken-Pis”: it was so tiny and funny to see the statue of this little boy urinating) and we walked through the city to a famous Chocolatier called “Mary”: a local craftman making the most creative and tastiest chocolate around the world. I bought a cherry-liquor chocolate and believe me, it was more than yummy!
Nicolas also lead us to the “Delirium Tremens” a famous tavern in which they had over 3000 kinds of beer and it’s supposed to be the tavern with the largest volume of different beers! After that, we visited the “King’s Gallery” and the “Queen’s Gallery”, two lovely galleries with glass roof. Inside them, luxury shop and another famous chocolate make “Meert” a chocolate shop/ coffeeshop with hand-made chocolate desserts and fresh tea and the famous Belgium waffle) we bough waffles and we headed to the famous “Belgium Comic-Strip Museum”. During my childhood, I was a big fan of Belgium comics such as “Gaston”, “Spirou”, “Tintin”, “The Smurfs” and many more… It was great to discover them again from the author’s perspective: from the idea to the comic-strip making with different animated information and marketing features! I jumped on the opportunity to buy the first “Tintin” comic-strip ever made (back in 1930): “Tintin in the Soviet Land”. The original version was in black and white, but the recently released the new colored version! After that, we walked around the city and we visited many cathedrals and squared and we finally got home under heavy rain. Although the weather is cloudy and rainy, we really enjoy Brussels for its History, Beautiful buildings and the “Art de vivre” with its many lovely restaurants, taverns and premium chocolate makers!

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