Second day in Belgium: Waterloo

“Waterloo”: February 23, 2017
Late in the morning, we had a delicious breakfast with the “Meert” waffles we bought yesterday with fresh orange juice. We stoked to “Brussel Midi” Train station and we decided to visit “The Lion’s Hill”: a monument dedicated to Napoleon last battle: Waterloo… We first visited the historical museum which explained in details Napoleon’s rise to power, his fall, his come-back, in the end, his last battle! It was so interactive and interesting to dive once again into History and famous characters! Historical military costumes were exposed, battle plans as well and even a 4-D film at 180 degrees! It was so graphic and intense to see battalions of soldiers marching, hundreds of thousands of them! Cavalries charging, guns and artillery shooting! It was so realistic, I really had the impression to be thrown into a battle! We came out and we had more information about what happened after the Waterloo battle. We came out from the museum and we visited the Panorama exhibition, where a 360-degree painting depicts the battle and its decisive moments! I really admired this detailed masterpiece! We finally walked to the top of “The Lion’s Hill”: a forty-meter-high hill, with 226 steps, on top a bronze Lion, symbol of the European monarchies triumphing, open mouth against France and holding a canon bullet on its right paw, to show the price of the Waterloo battle. As we reached the top, there was a magnificent view on the waterloo battle field but it was only a tiny part of land on which a million soldier fought for a few days! Monumental! I absolutely recommend it !

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