Third day in Belgium: The European District

“The European Disctrict”: February 24th, 2017 We were supposed to go to Gant but Nicolas told us it was cheaper to travel by train during the weekend. We had a long walk though Brussels City Center to the European Commission and visit the surrounding district. “The European District” is the equivalent of “Canary Wharf in London or “Moskva City” in Moscow. We arrived in front of the main district: “The European Commission” where all the decisions are taken for the European Union. But it’s only a tiny part, considering how large is the district! There’s a building for each Ministry: Agriculture, Immigration and many more… Plus There’s a large modern building for each country represented, bare in mind there are 27, plus there are parks and many official hotels and other diplomatic buildings, so the European District is gigantic! We stroked through many parks to “Arcades du Cinquantenaire” park, where dominates the Monument of Belgian Independence: a biblical 45-meter Arch with the Goddess of Victory: Nike on top! We got a little hungry, Katia and Nicolas were craving for molds so we went to an old tavern I knew of, “Le Trappiste”, last time I’ve been there it was about 5 years ago, but I kept a good memory of the mushrooms sause molds with French fries I ate. This time, Nicolas and I ordered Molds with beer sauce and Katia ordered molds with cream and we of course had fries with it! Lunch was tasty and we decided to carry on our walk to a local market where it is possible to buy organic products only! I was amazed by the large amount of quality products they had and how tasty it really looked! There were many fruits and vegs of course, also many bakery products and nuts and large variety of breads! We bought a few things for breakfast and diner we came back home and we had a gorgeous diner!

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