Last day in Belgium: Bruges

  • “Bruges”: February 26th, 2017
    Early Morning, we took the train again to Bruges, which about 1 hour from Brussels in the North-East side of the country. As we arrived, we were already many tourists coming out from the train station to the Historical Centre. As we got into the old town, it felt like we were in another century, in the medieval times with all these paved streets, ancient houses with chimneys, traditional signs above buildings entrance! That was rather unusual and nice! I learned Bruges’ Golden Age was alike Gant in the Medieval Times, when the craftsmen got independent from the nobles by making fortunes thanks to drapery! They used to export all over Europe and apparently Gant and Bruges were the two richest cities in the Middle Ages after Paris! We found a nice traditional Breakfast place called “Carpe Diem” and thanks God, it was not a tourist trap! The place was divided in two: The Patisserie place and the Tea Room were we sat. Many Belgian people were having their breakfast there which meant it was quality! We had tremendous breakfast for three people with fresh orange juice, cappuccino, coffee, brioches, baguettes, jams, hard-boiled eggs, traditional ham and cheese… All for about 55 euros! We visited after “The Beguinage”: a large, beautiful and quiet nun monastery! There’s a part dedicated to the public and another private part for the nuns and it is surrounded by a pretty canal. Bruges is called also “The Venice of the North” because of its many canals just like Gant or Saint-Petersburg, though Bruges is very tiny! As we got closer to the Belfort which is the proper heart of the city, I was a bit disappointed with all these souvenir shops and sports bars, the district was a proper place for average English tourist… We wanted to go to the top of the Belfort but there was a massive 50 minute-queue that made us change our minds) On the other hand we found the loveliest little waffle place/coffeeshop called “Le Marveilleux”: They were not only making marveilleux, but also chocolate and sweet brioches and most important: the waffle from Lille! Unlike, the Belgian one, it is stuffed with cream and you can choose different flavors: vanilla, apricot and many more! I took a few for the office, as the girls adore sweeties). In the middle of the afternoon we decided to come back as the weather was getting nasty! Back to Brussels, we experienced a few beers at the “Delirium Tremens” and we had a nice diner at Nicolas’s place. I wish we had more time to discover Anvers and the city of Spa in the Ardennes but I guess it will be for another time! We absolutely enjoyed this great vacation in Belgium and if you seek good food, animated nightlife, traditional restaurant and authentic lifestyle, this is a destination to experience over and over again

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