Walking on ice!

Hello everybody, I’m here to tell you about the day I felt like Jesus !!!


I arrived in Saint Petersburg at the beginning of February, at this period the Neva is still frozen. For me, it was the first time that I saw such a big river completely frozen.


On one of our first weekend in the city, we made a trip to go to Peter and Paul fortress in the afternoon. The weather was good, cold but with a big sun.

A lot of Russian people were walking on the ice and we decided to do the same. It was faster to cross the river than walking on the bridge to go the fortress.

At first, we were a bit scared that the ice could break but after we really enjoyed this time at walking on water.

After the visit, we decided to come back the same way by crossing the river again. It was the exact time of the sunset so we stayed a bit longer to see the sun going down on the river.


It is a special moment that I will never experience again! I’m really glad I had this opportunity to do it

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