Travel to Israel: day 1.

After 1 correspondent flight in Istanbul and an exhausting 5 hours flight, we finally arrived in Tel Aviv, the custom officer 👮 asked us dozens of questions before letting us in and ask us in the end if I needed a stamp in my passport. I said no because if I do, I can’t visit countries such as Iran, Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria and many other (because they don’t support Israel and in the near future I really want to go to Jordan to visit Petra) As I didn’t have a stamp they gave me a voucher with a stripe code that I need to keep until I leave the country. We came to the arrival and I bought a SIM card with SMS + calls + Internet 3G for $67. Prices are pretty much the same than in Europe. I then went to Budget Car as I booked a Seat Ibiza through their website. They are quite cheeky because the price mentioned on the website is “$79 all included” but the insurance! All sims added it’s $190 for 10 days. Not really expensive but commercial lie. I downloaded thé waze application: an Israeli community GPS, very helpful and I got to my friend Yigal in no time! Yigal and his partner waited for us until 1 am, they were very kind and talked about plan for Israeli Independence Day on May 2nd. We’re supposed to watch a beautiful parade, on the beach and meet another friend of ours Anna. This vacation sounds promising! 😃😃😃

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