Travel to Israel: day 2 “Independence Day”.

Happy Birthday Israel, today is your 69 birthday! On this occasion, Yigal took us to the beach to watch the Air Force Military Parade, after a georgeous Israeli Breakfast: home-made bread with apple jam, home-made citrus cake, cheery tomatoes and royal tea (green tea, lemon juice, ginger juice, honey: it certainely wakes you up!)

As we walked on “Херцлия” beach promenad where we saw a real “Armada” of planes, helicopters from the Israeli Army with many israeli flags on the buildings and people waving at them!

The weather was beautiful: 25-26C. Many people on the beach, singles, couples and families.

We talked about many interesting things with Yigal on the way: History, communities, religions, army, cultures… It was very lively, entertaining and interesting to talk to him. On the promenade, we stopped by an open air restaurant where we had delicious wine, homos, falafels I knew already homos but falafels are these littles fried mashed peas ball and I dipped them into homos and this is great. We then drove to Jaffa and have long walked into the Old Town, rich in History

We discovered the Old Port, churches and Mosks and synagogs and we saw families having BBQ in the park and children smiling at us shoulding “Shalom, Shalom” in honor of Independence Day.

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