Travel to Israel: Day 3 “Jerusalem”

Early morning, we left to Jerusalem with our rental car 🚗 Yigal offered us to take highway 1 and then 4, it’s a little detour but it’s a beautiful panorama through the mountains and it worths saving 20 euros. Jerusalem is a very beautiful city, very good mix between ancien and modern buildings but the traffic jams are atrocious, especially when you’re getting close to the old town. Lucky enough to have found a parking place inside the Old Town, through the “New Gate”; I thought we were blessed by some sort of miracle, because it’s almost impossible to find a place inside of outside the Old City. We started with the Christian District, as we were already inside, we visited the “Church of the Holy Sepulcre” were millions of pilgrims visit, pray, redeem by the tomb of Christ but when we came, it was 12:30 and the Church was overcrowded, people were queuing and there was no way to get close by it so, we move to “Via Dolorosa” were Jesus suffered martyrdom before being crucified. We visited the place he was jailed, where he was judged, where he was tortured, we visited Pilates’House and we tried to get inside the “Мечеть Купол Скалы” but it was closed to public at 17:00 for prayer time…

Instead we headed to the Western Wall where we queue and we symbolically left a wish paper inside the Wall. After that we visited the Jewish district which was completely destroyed after the Yom Kippour War and rebuilt after. So now it’s about 50 years old. We also took time to visit the Jaffa Gate and the Armenian District. I was amazed to see so many Russian and Russian speakers.

I was told there’s about 1,5 million living in Israel 🇮🇱 out of 7 millions which is enormous.

In the evening we met our couch surfer 🏄 Michelle a very nice, open-hearted Jewish Yéménite. In the evening, we used a new website called “dine with locals” and we had diner with a local orthodox Jewish family in Jerusalem northern district.

This day was definitely a marathon!

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