Travel to Israel: Day 4: Mount Olive.

Early morning, we came back to the old city to finish our tremendous excursion and we found a parking place in the same place as yesterday (I must be blessed!) We got back to the Church of the Holy Sepulcre and we manage this time to get to the Sepulcre after waiting for an hour. We then rush to the “Мечеть Купол Скалы” before the prayer deadline and we succeeded to get into the court. I was kind of disappointed 😔 they didn’t let us in because we are not muslims… Though I must say it looks fantastic from the outside and the court is gorgeous! We carried on our visit to the Mount Olive, walking 🚶and we stopped at every church on the way to the top. As we reached the top, we had a fantastic view over Jerusalem and the cemetery covering the Mount Oliv. We visited right after the Holocaust Museum, which was quite impressive! So interactive, with many videos, miniatures and pics! A moment of deep impressions! I recommend it! In the evening, Michelle took us to the restaurant and we had nice glasses of wine 🍷 and we danced ! Good times! I’m already missin

g Michelle! 😩

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