Travel to Israel: Day 5: Masada and Ein Gedi National Park.

Early morning we had the tastiest breakfast on earth! Full continental American breaky with Israeli dishes and we rushed by car to Masada! Only because we were told it was burning hot after 12:00! Masada is a desert mountain on which King Herod built a massive fortress which looks more like a palace/town by its size!

We parked the car and took the cable to go on top! We learned that this place was the last stand of the Hebrew army fighting the Romans for four years, before the Romans finally broke in and the Hebrew commited mass suicide not to end up as slaves!

Herod: the Jewish King was a visionary leader. He wanted to build modern, large cities, with excellent defensive system and open to commerce.

Amount these, Masada is a perfect example and a stronghold that could enable the defender to last 3 years with food and water supplies. The heroic defenders last 4 years! The view was absolutely gorgeous and stunning !

One view over the Dead Sea, the other over the desert and the King David Canyon. We came down 2 hours later, as it was getting burning hot and we drove to Ein Gedi National Park where we were very pleased to bathe our feet into the water springs and we walked to David’s Waterfall.  A monumental 30 meter high waterfall crushing in the National Park Valley.

As it was getting hotter and hotter, we decided to go to the S.P.A. We enjoyed more Dead Sea bathing, more mud, more swimming pool. And we headed back to Tel Aviv after a 145 km drive.


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