Vietnam : Day 1 “The Land of 2 Wheeled Vehicles

After a 48 hour nightmarish journey (click here to learn more about Moscow’s storm of the century),  we finally reached Vietnam and the city of Hanoi (Ханой). Everything went smoothly.  We got our luggage quite fast, we got a Viet SIM card at reasonable price, we found an honest and polite taxi driver who took us straight to the city centre.

We were dropped at “Long Biên” coach station and we caught a bus after a 5 min wait. The controller didn’t even speak a word of English but we understood each other quite well despite the language barrier. In short, everyone was friendly and helpful.


On the way to Dông My which was like 1 hr away,  I was so amazed at how many scooters  people were driving. Just like Italy, some even had a family of 7 on one scooter with no helmets. Even the police didn’t care.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by my friend Dam Ahn and her friend. Dam had cooked us a superb lunch for us, which completely erased that terrible flight delay back in Moscow.


After lunch, we crashed for a bit and then were introduced to Dam’s family. There were 6 altogether. 4 out of the 6 were girls and the youngest was 4 years old. She was a ball of energy. In the evening we experienced a proper traditional dinner and ate on a carpet floor like everyone else does in Vietnam. The dinner included exotic fruits, vegetables, duck, nems (spring rolls), and of course, Vietnamese beer. They were all so hospitable and we already felt like part of the family. Dam’s family pretty much owned most of the property that surrounded the area because many of their relatives live nearby as neighbours.



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