Vietnam : Day 2 “Discovering Hanoi”

Dam woke us up at 5am in the morning to take us to a typical Viet market (рынок) just down the road from us. I was so completely amazed to see random people using their front door, yard and garage as a market spot.


People sold vegetables, fruits, chicken, ducks, and other types of fresh poultry. And when I meant fresh poultry, I meant fresh live animals that walked around just this morning. The best part of all, everything was CHEAP!




For breakfast we had noodles with fish and meat marinated in bouillon. Oh, and of course, nems. Nems is sold and eaten everywhere in Vietnam. It’s one of the staple foods of Vietnam. They’re fresh, healthy and delicious! For dessert, we tried a local drink, which I cannot for the life of me remember but it was made of coconut, beans, bananas, and ice water. Sounds unusual but most importantly, it was delicious and refreshing.


After lunch, we headed to the city. We visited a Sofitel Hotel and there we had a very helpful concierge organize us an excursion…for free. I’m loving’ Nam.)

Our excursion also included a boat tour on Hai Phong Bay. Famous for giant turtles and gorgeous rocks, Hai Phong Bay is with its calm scenery. Also, we visited the Hoàn Kiem Lake and Pagoda.




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