Vietnam : Day 3 “Ha Long Bay” (Continued)

While we kayaked, we headed inside some caves and each island calcaire cave had monumental stalagmites, or natural beautiful sculpting if you will.

After lunch, which was fresh seafood, we travelled further deep inside the caves and there we went on location where apparently the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” was shot.

Into the Caves



  • Recently, Ha Long Bay islands was used as a location to shoot “King: Skull Island” 💀 which is part of the King Kong prelude.
  • According to the Vietnamese legend, 2,000 years ago, the Viet King sent a heavenly dragon to spit white pearls in the water in order to form giant rocks to erect out of the water to crush enemy ships and fend off invaders.


After kayaking, we reached the Roosters’ Rocks. This represents the symbol of two roosters fighting called Cockfighting. A traditional sport, that, despite being illegal, is permitted during special festivals and ceremonies.


For more photos, check out our instagram account 😉

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