Vietnam : Day 3 “Ha Long Bay”

I could say it was a “hard long day” instead! Day 3 and I’m already exhausted.

It’s 06:30 in the morning and I’m pretty much passed out on the bus. We’re taking a 4 hour bus ride to a place called Ha Long Bay. The most magnificant and most beautiful bay in the Northern region of Vietnam. Its emerald green waters and giant moss covered rocks makes this place a secluded and private little paradise.

After 4 long hours in a tiny packed bus, we finally made it to Ha Long Bay. From a distance I can already smell the a tourist trap, but despite the hundreds of tourists that swarmed the area, the place was amazing and totally worth it.




Imagine for one moment that you’re in a place that’s a cross between the Archipelagos, a labyrinth if islands covered by a rain forest. The nature was beyond what I thought it would be.

Although the weather started to change, the dark grey clouds just made the nature scenery that much more dramatic and beautiful.


And of course, no way in Hell I would leave this place without taking a nice photo of myself. 😏



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