Vietnam : Day 6 “Bach Ma National Park”

We woke up at 8am and our tour guide took us to a park that was highly recommended by Dam. Damn, I miss her.

In the bus there were 4 other guys – 2 English men and a couple from Iceland. It took us about an hour to reach Bach Ma National Park. We drove by the top of the mountain and hiked up for 30 minutes to reach the top.


It was totally worth because the view was amazing. Can you imagine a panoramic view over a lagoon and the mountains? The mountains themselves were covered in luck rainforests and the air I was breathing was so moist but fresh at the same time. Not like that smoggy goodness you get in LA. Believe it or not, this place was the frontline between the Viet-Kongs and the Americans. And the crazy part, just a few years before the park became a warzone, it was also the location where confrontation took place between the French and the Vietnamese. All were hiding in the mountains.

Fortunately, there’s nothing but peace and nature within the mountains. after walking back to the bus, the tour guide led us to a new track. But this time into a thick jungle.



After walking  (685 steps) and climbing for 1 hour, we found a waterfall where we bathed and rested. It was totally worth it because the water was so clear and so clean. I had to be that tourist who tainted it by bathing in it. But c’mon, I was hot and sweaty and it’ was no walk in the park to get to where I was, even though we did walked through the National Park. My entire body was on fire so I bathed myself in the fresh cold water and drenched myself head to toe.



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