Vietnam : Day 7 “Hoi An”

We left our hotel around 8am to ride a 4 hour bus ride to Hoi An. Damn, Viet buses are so unusual and why are they always 4 hours long to get to anywhere? But besides that the buses don’t have regular seats. Instead you lay down than sitting. I felt like I was riding in an ambulance with other tourists.


Within a few hours, we reached our hotel and there I got a message from Thomas. He told me that he was still in Hoi An and we had booked a river cruise for us. So, we met up  at 16:00 and from then on we spent pretty much the whole day together. We visited famous traditional Hoi An markets, which are famous for their shoe making and costume designing.

Back at the hotel, we met some of Thomas’ American friends. There were 8 of the altogether and each from a different state. We had some beers and snacks and the best part – a nice sunset view.

We shared laughters and smiles and everyone was having a great time. At that point, I really understood what being a traveller meant. It’s not about finding the biggest cave in the world or visiting x amount of countries. It’s about sharing a common view on the world and experiencing the difference together with new friends who come from a different background unlike your’s.


After that I invited Thomas to our hotel and go for a dip in the pool and the best part was that nobody else was there. 😌 Later in the evening we went to dinner at a restaurant which had a balcony and offered a great view over the river bank and the midnight markets. Midnight markets are great because people get the munchies at 3 in the morning. 😂 Also, tonight was actually a special occasion because it was the Full Moon celebration, therefore, a lot of people were on the streets. The Full Moon tradition – each person is suppose to leave a piece of candy on a paper boat to float on the river. Then they switch off all the city’s lights and it’s a little défilé of candles.


My dinner at that restaurant was pretty unusual but tasty, of course. I ordered a coconut pork and they presented me a coconut. Inside the coconut was pork, vegetables, and oh, of course, coconut milk. It was so delicious and they warmed it up right in front of me!

After dinner, Thomas and I went for a walk and it was actually our last night with him. We said goodbye to each other and he promised to visit Saint Petersburg one day. I really hope he does. The people you meet abroad are unforgettable and are always interesting to keep in touch with.

We headed back to the hotel and rested. Tomorrow’s plan: scuba diving on Cu Lao Cham Island. 🌴


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