Vietnam : Day 8 “Chàm Island”

The tour guide fetched us at the hotel reception at 8am and we sat in van with 10 other people and headed straight to Hoi An port where a boat was waiting for us. In total we were 25 people altogether and the driving instructors were Australians.

We sailed for about an hour before reaching the first diving spot in Chàm Island. We were instructed on how to dive, although it was not my first time, but I thought maybe let the Aussies shine.  So we did safety checks, standard procedures, etc.

Me explaining to them that it was not my first time


I dove with my instructor and we went “down under” to 12 m. Are these Australian lines working for ya? No? Okay.

I saw a clown fish and it reminded me of the movie, Nemo. It was rubbing itself against the coral. So cute. Other things I saw were fishes of so many kind that I don’t even know. Also, I saw star fishes and a baby swordfish, and beautiful corals. Unfortunately, the session for each person only runs for 20 min. I went back up and had refreshing watermelon. 🍉

After diving, I went up to the upper deck of the boat and just lounged out for a bit and had some chill vibes to myself and admired the view I had. After relaxation was over, we sailed to the second diving point.  Once again, we went over the same procedures and then went down for another 20 min, watermelon, and this repeated on with the third diving spot, however, we had lunch instead. After lunch the whole group had some free time and some went swimming while others laid under the shade. I was one of them.

I almost fell asleep. When I woke up I realised the people from our tour group were already boarding the boat. Gee, thanks for the wake up call, guys. I gather my things and quickly boarded as well.

We went back to our hotel and showered and then visited some tailor shops in the Hoi An market. The place was famous for its skilled tailors. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes but they didn’t have my size so I ordered one to my size for $30 and they told me it would be ready by tomorrow.  We will see if the results will play out nice.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s adventure : Mai Song Temple in the jungle. LIONS AND TIGERS AND, BEARS, OH MY!


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