Saigon : The Vietnam War

We quickly found a hotel, a nice little B & B held by a Viet couple. They were good people. We asked a few info about Saigon and immediately started doing some sight seeing.


The city was pretty much the same as Hanoi. Lots of traffic, difficult to walk, I can’t even fathom how many times I had to watch out for mopeds! But the architecture and the monuments there were more interesting sights for some reason. All the main monuments are built pretty much in the centre, whereas, in Hanoi, they are spreaded all over the city.

We first visited Ho Chi Minh Museum. It was very interesting fascinating to learn about his life but I wish it was more interactive. There were no videos or miniatures etc. It was more about the culture that he left behind in Vietnam. A few fun facts about him was that he travelled the world over 30 years to search for help for his cause. He also worked on a boat as a cook when he was young boy.



After that, we moved to the Vietnam war museum. This experience was very intense and emotional. In the Courtyard of the museum with witness the vehicles in heavy artillery American soldiers used during the war. On the first floor it was covered with propaganda posters used at the time to protest against the war. The 2nd floor included pictures quotes ammunition firearms explosives used by the Americans during the conflict and records of abusive methods against the Vietnamese.

The most striking part of this history for me was the “My Lai Massacre”. This massacre was the wipe-out of all villages, killing men, women, and even children when then American soldiers were trying to find Viet-congs. Because they were difficult to find, American soldiers executed all after raping the women and even the children. Over 500 Vietnamese people died on that day.

And from that, a famous snapshot of from the massacre became known worldwide in the 60’s.


Not only I was shocked by those stories pictures and weapons that were used by the Americans but I was literally astonished by the different of casualties from one camp to another:  on the Viet site 3 million people were killed among the 2 million civilians and on the American side 50,000 were killed from the beginning to the end of the conflict. Is it me or this just doesn’t add up? 😳 W/E.

We headed for the third floor and it was even more intense. It was about the victims of Agent Orange, designed by Monsanto (evil corporate America), it was used to bomb areas, wipeout nature, animals, and human beings. Most of all a polluted the soil and transmitted genetic disorders from generations to generations. In Vietnam, it’s already the 4th generation, affected with less people but still the effects of this chemical agent is very terrifying and horrible to begin with. It causes birth defects with children born with no eyes or legs or with large tumors. Newborns are born deformed etc.


The third floor was just covered in graphic pictures and I felt very uncomfortable. Even though the war was over 30 years ago, the consequences left by the war makes you realise the true horror the innocent Vietnamese people had to face. The poor people! And when I see them today smiling and being friendly and warm, and welcoming, it just stirs something in my heart for the people of Vietnam and what had happened to them 60 years ago. 💔

I’m sure the Americans feel stupid to get involved, let alone they lost the war. But mainly, I think the humility stands for itself when people remember and reflect back to on what the soldiers did to the people of Vietnam. Shame. We Westerners are spoiled and privileged people, and I’m not even talking about just America. Those who live such a privileged life are those who are close minded and don’t think they need to know about anything more or care for anything more other than themselves. We are unsatisfied in life, but greedy, and always take and after more. It’s a shame on us how we live our lives while simplicity still exists. And this is what the Viet people are doing. These people make the most out of what they have, they live a simple life and they appreciate. We don’t.

Anyways, I’m not gonna tell you how you gonna live your life, but just wanna give you my opinion that we suck. Hard. 😒




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