Vietnam : Day 10 “Da Nang”

After these intense last few days we rested the whole morning before grabbing a shuttle to Dan Nang, which is the 3rd economical city of Vietnam. As we arrived, we noticed that it was not a big city, the population was roughly a million.

We found a hotel near the beach and they were renting out mopeds for $1/day, which I obviously paid for.

At first I wanted to book a tour to the marble mountain, Lady Buddha and the Monkey Mountain. But after seeing the prices of 25 euros/person, I kind of became hesitant about it. So instead, we used the mopeds and did our own tour ourselves on wheels.

We stopped at Han Market. A typical viet market, the people were selling local foods and laying on the ground were clothes and local handmade items. Each selling spot had a team of 2-3 people. When 1 person was working, the other 2 were sleeping…on the floor. Just had a deja vu of Russia. 🇷🇺

Great Market Hall Viet Style


Nap time

To be honest, we didn’t stay long because the congested markets were kinda smelly and heard that rodents were scattering around the area, especially where they sell food. Cockroaches also lurked the area as well. So we scrammed.

We headed to Lady Buddha, which was one of the main sites of Da Nang. She was located inside a monastery and there was also a big pagoda. This place I really enjoyed. Many beautiful and clean temples for peace and worship. It was a cool place, literally. Outside was scorching hot while inside the white marble temples, it was cool and the thing is, there was no AC.



I didn’t realize that there was so much to Buddhism. I need to hit the books when I get back. Not only the icons are very interesting to look at but also, the story and history behind how religion started. It sucks that today religion can bring out the ugly in people. I think if everyone learns about another religion and tries to connect and understand, then I’m sure the differences would be set aside and people can start to respect one another. Preach.🙏🏻

Lady Buddha

We wondered around the city. Like I said, it wasn’t big, it wasn’t small, it was pretty medium. But the points of interests were beautiful, there even was a dragon bridge blowing fire every Friday and Saturday evening at 21:00.

In the evening, I decided to shop at K-mart. After 10 days of eating asian food, my stomach couldn’t take it anymore. I needed greasy fatty American food. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much western influence on their food, at least in this city I was in, so no McDonald’s or KFC. Damn. 🍗 😑

Tomorrow we’re gonna spend the whole day to Ba’na Hill: the city of clouds.


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