Vietnam : Day 12 ” Monkey Mountain & Train to Saigon”

At 09:00 we Berkeley got ready and jumped on our moped to the monkey mountains which was 30 minutes from our hotel. As we got closer the road was getting higher and higher and he became harder for the motorbike to go further. I’m top of that our vehicle was forcing so much gas but it wasn’t really taking us anywhere. It was consuming crazy amount of gas so despite the fact that we were for 4 kilometres away from the top of the mountain, I decided not to go further because I actually felt sorry for the moped.


I was pretty worried that I would have enough gas to get back. But on the bright side I saw a baboon in the middle of the road. Unfortunately I scared off and it jumped from branch to branch.On our way back I got a beautiful panorama view over the gulf.


After that we quickly jumped into a cab to get to the train station. We took 1:15 train to Saigon knowing that a terrible 16 hour journey was waiting for us. We shared a compartment with a Belgian guy with his wife who was Vietnamese, and their kids. He was a nice person. Although quite the chatterbox, he was interesting to talk to. To be honest with it hard to focus on the conversation we’re having because one of his kids was jumping around like a monkey that we saw earlier today. LOL.



I took the time to inspect our train and to tell you the truth, I was shocked by the nonexisting hygiene onboard. People were sleeping on the floor, drinking and, smoking and it smelled of food everywhere of all kinds and it was that smell of foods that don’t even mix well together. I wanted to go to the restaurant wagon but what I saw made me really uncomfortable.

There was literally meat sitting under the heat and flies swarming around it. Bugs were also crawling on it too. Talk about fresh meat.

But distancing to travel the Vietnamese passengers were eating and smoking at same time. I turned around and got back to my cabin. I couldn’t sleep because it was just too noisy on the train.

Finally, at 05:30 in the morning we arrived to Saigon, a bustling city where a dark chapter in Vietnamese history awaits us.


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