Vietnam : Day 9 “My Son Temple”

At 07:30 in the morning I went to visit one of the oldest Hindu temple in Vietnam called “My Son Temple”. It was about an hour away from Hoi An. The reason why we got up so early to get there was because around noon the heat would become so intense.

As soon as we arrived there was an electric shuttle that took us on location. Our tour guide explained to us that long ago Hinduism was spared widely across Asia as the official religion and that there were many temples like My Son. However, the most famous Hindu temple is in Cambodia.


We learned that this place was for worshipping. The Goddess, Shiva, is the destroyer and transformer within the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu.

There are many relics with masculine symbols and female symbols fusing. I felt like we were visiting the Indian version of Pompei.


After walking around the ruins, we watched a traditional dance. There were female dancers dressed in traditional attire and traditional music. Unusual but delightful.


After the dance, we drove back to Hoi An and had lunch with another french couple. I was glad to meet them because they could also speak Vietnamese because the girl’s parents were Viet. An interesting pair. After we had lunch, we were surprise attacked my a tropical rain storm

Me expressing my life so far…

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