Saigon (Part 2) : 300 Years

After shaking off the sadness from the War Museum, we visited the “Notre Dame de Saigon”, which was a gift from the French to spread Roman Catholicism. We also visited the local markets, which were a bit nicer and cleaner than the ones I have seen earlier.

After the markets, we saw the opera building and the Bitexco Financial Tower, which was probably the most modern and fanciest building I’ve seen in all of Saigon. We went up to the top floor, which was about 219 meters high, and we got a grand view of Saigon like never before.


This tower symbolises globalisation of Vietnam. The design is structured after a lotus pulp to represent the blossoming of Vietnam’s openness to the world.



Saigon is 300 years of old full of rich history, dynamic lifestyle, and a promising future. I have a feeling that within 10 years, Saigon won’t remain cheap.

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