Vietnam : Day 14 “The 3 Islands” (Continued)

After Bentre, we were taken on a typical viet boat tour and cruised through the chocolate river. We met some Aussies so we decided to boat with their group instead.



Not before long, we arrived to Cantho Island. There, we had a quick lunch and then we visited some crocodiles. Cantho Island is known for their restaurant that serves crocodile. Some attractions there are feeding the crocs with a fishing rod, or cross a swamp by holding yourself to a rope while the crocs wait till you fall to your death.


..right cuz I would pay to die in the mouths of crocs in Vietnam. Maybe some other time.

Other than that, they had a beautiful garden where I found a monk who was mediating under a shady tree.


After the islands, we got back on land and drove  3 hours further north towards Cambodia, our next destination and where our mini hostel was waiting for us with no internet….yah!

I guess this is the last time I’m ever booking a multi day tour in Vietnam.

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