Vietnam : Day 14 “The 3 Islands”

We got up at 8am to catch a bus to get to the Mekong river, the biggest river in the world. At 4500 km from Tibet to Vietnam, this river crosses through 6 different countries such as China, Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and of course, Vietnam.

We had a day tour to visit 3 islands, Mytho Island, Bentre Island, and Cantho Island. All were located just before the Mekong Delta. Just before we had a break, we went to a fabric factory and there they produced all different kinds of items using bamboo fiber. Towels, PJ’s, pullovers, underwear, etc.


I couldn’t help but think… do I really need a hypoallergenic bamboo micro-fibre underwear?  F*ck yes! My behind is gonna be caressed by the soft breeze.😄

We headede for Mytho Island. From the start, I could smell the tourist trap again. Massive tourist groups, motor boats ready to give people a lift to and fro the island. It started to rain. Just my luck. We took a yellow boat and sailed on the river.

When we arrived at the island we were introduced to the local product – honey, tea from the royal jelly? WTF? idk.. Although the honey venders were a bit pushy, it was pretty good.


The next island was Bentre. There, we were introduced to their boozy coconut whisky pastry. That was like the best part of my day trip there. I think we can all agree with that. We learned how to skin a coconut with a spear.  It looked pretty complicated. The spear was erected from the ground and you had to shave the coconut against the sharp point. After the shavings come off, they go in a mix of rice doe, smashing it, and fry it in a pan with water, and of course, whiskey. And if requested, nuts are available as well.


As a result, you’ll get this nice thick paste that smelled very good. They’ll cut the thick paste into long strips and then cut them into squares. Well, it’s not exactly a pastry but more like a sweet doughy square cracker. Sounds strange but it’s tasty.




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