Vietnam : Day 15 “Cairang Floating Market”

The night was noisy , the bed was uncomfy, and the break was ridiculous. What a great way to start a tour. The bus took us to the river bank. Then a motor bike approached us and took us to the floating market. I’ve never seen such a mess on a river!


It was like an orgy of boats trying to get close to our boat to sell us things. It was mainly food. Many people were living on these boats on in a house, carried by the boat. It was…pittoresque.


I bought the most delicious organic pineapple that was cut properly and swift by the vendor with his machete. Being able to quickly cut a fresh pineapple 🍍while balancing yourself on a mini flimsy boat…that is skills, my friend.


After the floating markets, the boat took us to see a fishermen and to observe how he cuts his fish. It was on an island where you can take a cold mud bath, also its where the pigs take a shit. It’s a head scratcher but if everyone’s doing it then why the Hell not?

We walked everywhere and I realised that all the Viet family sizes are the same. Big families, with dogs, chickens, goats, and pigs. They all throw their garbage everywhere. I’ve never seen so much plastic in my life. Despite their habits, they are very friendly and say “Hello!”

The last spot was a place where the locals cooked fried noodles. 🍜 Okay, the littered plastic is forgotten. 😛 However, the rain was catching on and getting very heavy.

We went on a different bus that took us closer to the Cambodian border. I was happy to reach our hotel after this extravaganza, especially the rain.

Tomorrow we’ll head to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

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