Day 16 : Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia with a population of 1.5 million out of 15 million living in Cambodia.


We walked to Wat Ounalom: the sacred royal Buddhist Temple. We were told there was somebody important praying there in the main room, therefore it was closed to the public, so we walked around it.


We walked to another temple and there I met an old priest who was kind enough to unlock a second temple door fr me. Inside – 3 tiny rooms. One on the left and right with the early reincarnation Buddhas and the 3rd or was the last incarnation of the Buddha. Zzzz

The old priest led me into a room and gave me his buddha blessings. He lit two incense sticks and I held them while he filled a bowl with rose water. I stuck the sticks into the ash and made a wish. I cleansed my hands and the priest watched my face with the rose water and told me to face Buddha and join my hands in prayer, which I did. Lastly, he asked me for a small donation to give to the Buddha, which I did.



Is this part of the tourist trap or is this really a religious ritual?




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