Day 17 : Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples

We found a beautiful hotel, conveniently located near the Angora site. Early morning, we had a big delicious continental breakfast, which I was craving for, for a very very long time. After we ate, I called for a moped rental I randomly found on trip advisor, which was $10 for the rental all day. It was A BIG SLAP IN THE FACE because in Vietnam it was 10x more!

We drove to the ticket booth which was 5 km away. I bought 2 tickets to visit all the temples in Angkor for the whole day. It was so worth it because the place was amazing and it was a good call on the mopeds because it was 15 km away!



Angkor temple is the biggest site worldwide for religious use. It was built thanks to Jayavarman VII in the XII century.
Jayavarman lead an expansion that took half of Thailand.

This location was used to film “Indiana Jones”, “The Jungle Book”, “Tarzan”, and many more. This sanctuary was half ruins and half jungle mixed together and there were elephants and monkeys too.



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