Phnom Penh : Praying with The Royal Family

Strolling around temples, I stumbled upon a particular door, which was closed. I opened it and saw many people praying. There were little kids there too. They were a bit surprised to see me enter the temple and there there were also bodyguards. Then I realized that it was the Royal Family.


I was quite honoured and surprised to seize such an opportunity to meet his royal highness, the King of Cambodia.
I couldn’t believe I was standing before the King and his family. I looked around to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. But the government cars were all parked outside the temple and had special license plates on it.

We bought a couple of tickets and we walked in and everyone was wearing dress shirts and long pants because it was a sacred place, while I looked like a fool and wore shorts showing my hairy legs and my tourist outfit.

We visited the Royal court and the Royal Hall. The King’s reception building. We walked around the second court and saw a massive Silver Pagoda. Inside was very impressive because there were many buddhas made f silver and the middle of the room has a great gold Buddha with gems, diamonds, and everything else that’s pretty much worth more than my life. Also, the floor was made with silver tiles.


Located in the court, there was a frame that represented all the local mythology of Gods, Goddesses, and monsters fighting one another, which was still under construction.

After we finished the tour, we called a taxi, but it wasn’t an ordinary taxi. It was a moped that was dragging a cart behind it. So we sat on the cart and e took us around the city and we saw monuments of the King, museums, and national buildings of Phnom Penh.

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