The History

After we finished the temple tours, we called a taxi, but it wasn’t an ordinary taxi. It was a moped that was dragging a cart behind it. So we sat on the cart and e took us around the city and we saw monuments of the King, museums, and national buildings of Phnom Penh.


The national museum was huge, mainly had statues and artefacts inside that tells you loads of history and culture of Cambodia. I learned a lot about the people of Khmer and the peak of the history between the 9th-30th century. The people were expanding in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.

The King of Cambodia started to build loads of temples to create some kind of centre of gravity for all to come and pray in peace.

We grabbed lunch and after that it started to rain again. We moved straight away to an attraction to the countryside because we wanted to escape the centre and the rain too.


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