Day 21 : Sihnakouville & Bitter Disappointment

It took us 12 hours by bus from Battambang to Phnom Penh and from there to Sihnakouville. My back was completely messed up from the ride.

I actually had an argument with the bus driver and the manager over the bus seats. Long story short, I ordered the front seats because I’m a tall dude and I need all the legroom I can get, and these guys tried to make me take the back seat.

The only argument the manager found was if you don’t to the back seat then they weren’t leaving and the would shut the AC off.

And I replied : “Look man, I’m not a 10-year-old kid to listen to these kind of threats and sisters of anyway, I’m on vacation got no rush!” I finally save my seat. But the driver left us 7km away from the city centre.  A**hole. As we arrived, it was night and pitch black outside.

We ended up being surrounded by multiple taxis offering service. $15 a night to our hotel, which was completely outrageous. Then again, it didn’t take me long to understand the bus driver’s strategy. I think he purposely dropped us off there so other people can gip us. I think they all work together.

In the morning, I negotiated a $4 ride instead of $15 ride. After spending the night in a motel. When we arrived to the city centre, it was nothing but a giant garage. Many scooters and mopeds there. The rent was cheap but the condition was we were to hand over our passports while we rent it. So in my mind, I think that whole rent service is under the provision of a mob or gang.

I enquired about the boat tour to the islands, but some lady told us there’s only a beach to visit. There’s no trails into the jungle. Moreover, the weather was getting shittier. In short, our destination for that day wasn’t that great and I couldn’t fathom how careless these people were with their trash! I see more plastic than in Beverly Hills!


After seeing that, I decided not to waste my time at Sihnakouville and booked tickets to another location. This place was trash, literally.



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