Day 22/23 – Kampot & Kep

I was very happy to leave Sihanoukville early morning. That was shit and full of assholes. I mean they were nice but so pushy and money hungry. The bus took us for 2 hours to get to Kampot. A small cute little town famous for its national park nearby called “Bokor National Park”.

We rented a scooter and decided to go there straightaway. We paid $0.50 cents for the entry fee and drove up to the mountains. When we got halfway up, we were surprised by a typhoon, which was very pleasant. It was raining so heavy and on top of that hailing very heavily, it became very dangerous. I had thought that we were already almost at the top and we would make a stopover and seek refuge but boy I was wrong. We reached the top soaking wet and I only had a T-shirt and shorts on and I was starting to freeze….and sneeze.

We went inside a grocery store and bought an overpriced jumper and 2 plastic rain covers for the way back. I took off my t-shirt and shorts and started to ring them dry from the water. While I did that, some German girls were watching but I didn’t give a duck because I was cold and starting to catch one too. I remembered I had kept some tea bags in my pocket so I asked the grocery keeper for some hot water.

We sat in the store for 2 hours for the rain to stop or at least to calm down a bit. There was no chance we could visit the mountain top in such shitty weather. The whole point was to see a Buddha statue but I think Buddha got pissed…and started to piss on us, literally.

When we decided to leave the grocery store owner said “Hey, you guys didn’t pay for the hot water!” WTF? I thought the guy was kidding. Seriously? You charge for hot water? He was dead serious. I said,

“Man! I just freakin paid $12 for a jumper and 2 plastic bags that’s disposable and now you want me to pay for water? I’ve never paid for water and even less for hot water!”

He said, ” No, it’s service and in my country…” ( he was lying).

I didn’t want to get into an endless argument so I just told him to F*ck off. And we went back to Kampot.

I eventually found a nice Thai restaurant in the evening, which made me forget what happened earlier that day.

Next Day: Kep

I was about to pray to Buddha and ask him to not make it rain anymore. After a quick breakfast, we took to the streets again to Kep and the rain forest.

Kep is known for their famous crab market and its monkeys. But I decided I wanted some time alone in the Rain forest. I was getting tired of people (Cambodians) and monkeys. I just wanted some time for myself. I think I miss the Viets more.

The Cambodians are very hypocritical and they are trying to get every ounce of money outa foreigners. They act like they like tourists but they don’t. They weren’t as hospitable like the Viets. They just wait for the tourists and try to trick us.

So, word of advice, if you plan on coming over to Cam-town then I suggest you just go to Angkor Temples, Siem Reap and its National Parks. The nitty gritty parts aren’t so much for tourists anyway and you can save yourself the money in case you want that cup of hot water. The rest ain’t really worth it.


I walked in the Rain forest for 2 hours and felt refreshed. I was very happy not seeing or talking to any Cambodians besides lizards and butterflies. After that we decided to check out the crab market. We went there and I ordered crab and the thing is, I didn’t know how to eat it. They only gave you pliers. So i pretty much paid for a restaurant and left hungry. From there I stopped a few miles and there was a French bakery where I had pain au chocolat, and an éclair au chocolate, and green tea with lime. The feeling was nostalgic.


I was about to leave when Buddha started to take another leak on us again. When the rain stopped, I went to visit a grotto, which was 20 km away. It was beautiful but over exaggerated in the guide book.


After leaving the grotto, we met up with the typhoon again and this time I went back to the Thai restaurant and stayed there until the weather simmered down. The storm calmed down but then after 10 min, it came back and I started to get worried if there would be a flood because my hotel was 500 meters from where I was and to get there, I had to drive across the river.

What is wrong with this country? Good gracious I’m so happy I’m leaving for Bangkok tomorrow! I’ve had enough of this country and the people.



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