Day 20 (The 2nd Lost Chapter): “Bats & Monkeys”

Early morning I brought back the moped to the agency ask for another one. The second one was much better. We came back to the Bat cave because we still had to visit the top of the mountain for the temple, the view, the Hindu gods statues inside the caves. It took about 500 steps to get to the top but the walking conditions were terrible, The ones in Vietnam were much better. When we reach the top we were surprised by a family of monkeys, Actually an army of monkeys. They were everywhere in it seem like they dominated the place. I just had a flashback of the movie I saw, “Planet of the Apes”.


Luckily, I brought gifts with me, bananas. They were very happy especially the little monkeys because they were so tiny and helpless and the mothers can only breast-feed them. We went up further towards the temple when I saw a Cambodian kid shooting stones at the monkeys with the slingshot. I was about to slap little boy. But then I realized he was the son of the food store manager who sold me the bananas because the monkeys kept trying to steal them all the time. We went up to the beautiful golden Temple we had a look around at the Golden Buddha and admired the panoramic view.


Then we went down to the Hindu gods caves and finally in the Batcave. When were inside the case I was very careful about not taking pictures with the flash because I didn’t want 1.5 million bats to eat me alive or end up like Gwenyth Paltrow in the movie “Contagion”. Overall it was pretty impressive to see all of them and one cave. 14 km away from the Batcave there was another old temple on top of the hill.


After the temple we decided to try a typical Cambodian sauna and massage, Which was quite different. When you enter the steam room they had hot stones above in sliced pineapples And sliced cucumbers and they pour water on it. It gives this very nice and healthy smell along with a steam. I went for a cold shower before trying the second steam room. It was a wet sauna room, in which he had to rub yourself with salt to exfoliate your skin. After that I went for a cold bath and then a body massage. The masseuse was very short and must have weighed about 40 kilograms but gosh she was so hot. She literally cracked all my bones and massaged all my muscles and places where I never even knew had muscles. In the end she walked on my spine and when she was done with me I felt like a feather. I tipped her for her excellent service.

After we left the spa I wanted to return my moped back but we got into an accident and fortunately nobody was hurt. Tomorrow we have a 12 hour journey to the gorgeous beaches of Cambodia.



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