Day 24/25: “Arrival in Bangkok, Thailand”

It was about midnight and we arrived to Bangkok international airport and already we had to queue for about 40 minutes to get to pass for control. We safely arrived to our hotel which was okay in the city center but not in the historical center, it was quite hard to find it for the taxi driver. It was a 3 star hotel.


The next day we took a taxi to visit the historical center. Other open cup is quite urban and metropolitan-like, I must say I liked it a lot. eight point five million people live in Bangkok and there’s a well balanced with culture of modern and tradition. It was actually the King’s birthday when we arrived so it was a bank holiday.

We climbed up to the Golden Mountain and it was the same scenario, more Buddhas more bells more monks and more gold. The only difference is the story about their culture. About 200 years ago Bangkok was struck with Cholera and didn’t have enough human resources or materials to burn all the corpses. So they use the Golden mountain to feed the birds and limit the disease from spreading. Gave me the impression that Buddha was my friend too for not letting get sick when I was here.

20502771_10214159901141180_137818587_o.jpg           20524289_10214159901261183_168753273_o.jpg

We then visited the 46m long Buddha and surrounding him was a fountain where a lot of people threw coins in there and made a wish.

In the evening we met our CS friend: Temsiri. She showed us around the night market and the city’s bars and clubs. Yes, my blogs are starting to have civilization now. And she gave us useful tips for travelling around Thailand. She was a very nice person.




Tomorrow we’re gonna go on a boat tour to visit the King’s palace.



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