Day 26: The King’s River Boat Tour

Following Temsir’s advice, we took the skirl Togo the boat. As we went forward with the sky rail, I could admire the beautiful city architecture. I noticed how smart the Thai people were using modern buildings to hide the human misery. In spite of all the monumental malls, tall skyscrapers and modern facilities, the city was full of poor people who don’t even have their own toilets or showers, or even a home. They all live in communal apartments.

we arrived to our station and brought a boat day pass to go up and down the rivers as many times as we wanted. We arrived at the King’s palace where tons of tourists were crowding the entrance. We couldn’t go because our clothes were decent enough. Oh well.

Women were required to wear long sleeves and long dresses and as for the men, anything that donut’s show your hairy legs and arms. So we went to the opposite place and bought the necessary clothing. Once inside the fortress, I was quite impressed by what I saw.

The Phnom Penh Royal residence was quite beautiful but this one topped it as thee most stunning one I’ve ever seen. Of course, the same features such as indian artefacts fixed with a Buddhism influence,mythology, domes, and mosaics decorated with gold.


The weather was starting to get really hot but it was still worth visiting. After that we visited the Queen Mother museum. We restructured a part of the palace and museum dedicated to the beautiful dresses and voyages she had, after she got permission granted from the king, of course. In Thailand, they Royal family are treated like gods. You see portraits of him everywhere. In cafes, restaurants, spas, etc. Most of the Queen’s dresses are made in France. Plus, I also saw pics of her when she was young. She was very petite and beautiful.


After the “Grand Palace” we visited “Wat Arun: The Temple of Dawn”. Lots of mosaics, statues, etc. Quite beautiful.


On the way back to the sky rail we lost ourselves in the shopping mall.

Tomorrow- “Vimanek Palace”

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