Day 27: Swimming in the Sky & Vimanek

Early morning I went to the bus terminal to book tickets to Sukothai, a traditional city. It was five hours away from Bangkok in northern Thailand. After I wanted to chill out before walking within the city I went to take a dip in our swimming pool on the roof where I could finally sunbathe as I didn’t have this opportunity before. It’s about one hour and I got a sunburn already period.

We went to Vimanek, which was another King’s palace and a sacred place. It was forbidden to take photos there and we had to dress accordingly and I can respect that. I wouldn’t want someone to dress like a slob or a hoe.

Once we got inside, I was really sad my lens didn’t get a glimpse as well. We visited the hallway and within it, all the King and Queen’s birthday gifts were stored there over the years. Beautiful wooden carving and Buddhist decorations. Gold, diamonds, and silver just took up that whole room. It was truly thee gifts for the royals.


We then took a boat to visit an exhibition and did a bit of shopping. I found a Thai taylor within the mall and I was quite attracted by the couple of shirts he had. Of course there are many other tailors throughout southeast Asia, And Bangkok mainly Indian tailors in the markets and in Vietnam too. But I don’t really trust them because I doubted the quality. But this one looked promising and the shirt quality was decent. So…deal!




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