Day 29: Ramkhamhaeng National Park

In the morning we had the most unusual and tastiest breakfast so far in Southeast Asia. We had this white pudding wrapped in banana leaves with honey and honey wax, scrambled eggs, toasts, jam, and traditional Thai green tea. It was unexpected but I valued our owner’s efforts to give us satisfaction.

After that we rented a moped to their national park. I was curious to visit their luxurious rain forest. Yeah, you heard right. Luxurious rain forest. We followed a trail to the mountain’s top. But truly, we were unprepared for it. Flip flops and shorts are no match for the tropical red ants and mosquitoes that were heading our way. Be careful not to stop, or else the ants will attack and literally eat you alive. As I realized the conditions were getting harder, I noticed the amount of insects we were encountering and they were getting bigger by size and volume. We were already bitten all over.

We went back to Sukothai at 3. It was so hot that I didn’t feel like doing any more sight seeing, and my sunburns were reacting.

To refresh ourselves, we went to our hotel’s swimming pool and there we met many French, Belgian and German lads. In the evening, we had noodles from a local restaurant. For cheap (3 times less than bangkok). And the people were so nice. I must say, so far the Thai people are my favourites in the Southeast when comparing to the Cambodians and the Viets.

Tomorrow we are visiting elephants, yah!

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