Day 31: Chiang Mai

I can’t believe it’s already a month that we’ve been in Asia. I didnt see the time pass by so quickly.

Anyway, the guest house lady was quite enough to prepare a proper breakfast for us at 5:30am. She really knows how to run her business and take care of her guests. I wrote her an excellent review on TripAdvisor and on Booking.

On the way back to the bus station, we saw a few monks walking down the street carting containers. And people waiting for them on the side of the street with food.

I saw a monk opening his food container, the person put large portions of rice and then he closed the container  and the person kneeled and join her hands, praying. The monk gave his benediction and left to another person. This is a current practice in Thailand.

Monks are relying on people for free shit. Or, to say it nicely, charity because they are poor. And people seek for benedictions and good omens for their next life.

The bus took 5 hours to Chiang Mai. Once we got there, the taxi drove us to our hotel for 100 bats. We didn’t want to rent a scooter on the first day because it was already 15:00. So we diced to walk and scooter it instead. We saw a few beautiful temples: Wat Fon Soi, Wat Chedlin, Wat Chang Taem.


But the most beautiful monument was of course, Wat Chedi Luang. We had a look around. The city isn’t bad, bigger than Sukothai, but there’s too many cars and scooters. Just the roads were always congested. Too much fume too. Impossible to breathe.

I understood that the added value of Chiang Mai was the surroundings.


There was a beautiful National Park on the mountains, with waterfalls, templates and rose gardens and there’s an elephant sanctuary nearby.


Therefore, what we’re gonna do is rent a scooter tomorrow and check out the mountain. And the next day the Elephant sanctuary before making a move to Chiang Mai. In the evening I tried the Hotel spa because I wanted to get a Thai massage. But I was a bit disappointed because he one I got in Cambodia was surprisingly better.

I think I was not in the right place to get it. I’m gonna try to find another place, a proper place and see how it goes.

The plan is set! Tomorrow Doi Suthep Pui National Park.


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