Day 32: Bhuping Palace & Rose Garden

We rode in the mountain up to the Wat Phrathat Temple, which was a scared place with many statues, pilgrims, and a monumental frame about Buddha’s life. As we went down the stairs, there were, of course, souvenir shops and street food. And one of them caught my attention- Coconut cake with onions


The lady puts coconut flesh and milk on an electric stove and then added some pieces of green onions on top. Once ready, she would put 2 pieces together so it makes a ball. And then you eat it, i bought 10 balls for 20 baths. It was very tasty and I also had bought a fresh mango shake for 40 baths.

Suddenly, it rained. It was shot but intense. We bought a couple of disposable bags and after driving for about 15 min, we reached Bhuping Palace and its famous rose garden.

Although it’s a quite common flower in Europe, it is considered unusual in Southeast Asia. I quite enjoyed walking in this place and the roses were so abundant that their delicate smell was all over the place.


After that we drove down to Doi Suthep Reserve where we enjoyed watching a gorgeous waterfall…and giant butterflies. We then followed a trail deep into the jungle. It was quite enjoyable. I love losing myself in nature.


And it reminds me of souvenirs when we were kids and we played Indiana Jones in the forest. It took us about an hour to hike around the forest. There were so many mosquitos, ants, termites, and lizards. And the trail was full of roots, branches, and holes. But despite all those creepy crawlers, it was a good time.


I drove back to Chiang Rai, gave back the scooter and got my deposit back. After that I went for a traditional spa and massage place. And get this – the receptionist was a transvestite (there were quite a few). I ordered the lavender oil massage with hot stones. I was expecting a tiny hot Thai girl to massage me but I was disappointed with a male masseuse instead. Well, it least he wasn’t a transvestite.  My session lasted for about an hour and a half. My skin was exfoliated, my muscles were relaxed, and I smelled great!

I went back to the hotel, booked an elephant tour in the morning and a bus to Chiang Rai in the afternoon. We’ll see how it goes.



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