Day 33: Elephants in the Jungle

The taxi took us at 6am with our luggage and he drove about 1h20 to reach the elephant sanctuary. We had a briefing there. From there they gave us special clothes with elephant smell so they won’t become aggressive. Then they gave us 100kg of bananas and called for 2 elephant families.



Among them was a 2 week old baby elephant and a 9 month old one. They were quite big and fascinating. The 2 week old one was so funny. It was rubbing its belly constantly on the ground and the 9 month old was tossing everyone for fun. After we fed them, they told us to get our swimming suits and bath the elephants. We got ourselves in the pool and they elephants arrived to the pool as well. Once the got in we threw water at them by the buckets. Suddenly one of the giant adult elephants took a shit in the water. I never felt so grossed out in my life.


After we got out of the pool, we were told to get into a mud pool and there the elephants were going in too.  The elephants just laid down and we smeared mud all over them. Mud is considered very good protection for the elephant’s skin from sunburns and mosquitos as they have sensitive skin. Finally, we humans had a shower too. But overall, I really enjoyed that experience. How often can you bathe with elephants?


It seemed like a very beneficial way to keep the elephants healthy and happy and for the tourists as well. The Thai people respect the elephants and i like how they actually keep it in their natural habitat, whereas, other animals in tourist sites aren’t so lucky to be in the outdoors. I left a tip for the elephant conservation. I’m gonna miss the little ones. So funny.

Off to Chiang Rai now!


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