Day 36: Elephants & Waterfalls

In the morning, the host went to speak to us after walking her two kids. I thought she was just doing her job making sure guests were comfortable and settled in. But then she started to talk about herself and her life. Long story short, she said she first came with her husband to Cambodia as they both finished hospitality management school. The hotel became bankrupt. But still, they decided to stay in Asia. And they opened their own hotel in Luang Prabang. “Radical Change”, I thought (deep inside).

She explained that this city was very touristy. (For me it was just a back packer cheap student getaway). And she was staying in this place all year long.


“Unfortunately”, she said.

“You don’t like it here?”, I asked.

“I do! Umm, I have 3 young kids, this is great for them! But how many times do you go back to France?”

“Once every 2-3 years”.

I could almost sense some frustration.

In one word, I understood their business wasn’t doing great and now they are stuck in Luang Prabang and in a country that donut’s correspond to them at all. The husband gave me the same impression. Even the kids were not happy, they were moody all the time, crying or shouting.

I took my scooter and we left the place for the Kuang Si Waterfall. After an hour of driving on this narrow, dangerous road we finally arrived. And this was a vision of absolution. I threw myself in the water. It was so fresh and so clear. I forgot all my problems when I got into the water.  I just wanted Mother nature to take me away.


20771697_10214266955537473_400501097_o.jpg         20771870_10214266955497472_1702026875_o.jpg

A few minutes later a woman came to us asking for money because apparently we didn’t pay an entrance fee to the waterfall. It was $1. But for her it was big money.  She also invited os to order lunch if we wanted, which we did, cuz hello…


Who don’t like food?!

Overall, I really enjoyed this place. It was nice and I was surrounded by nature. Going through a bamboo forest to reach a monumental waterfall with spring water from the mountains –  I’m blessed.

On the way back I got a panoramic view and noticed an elephant farm. We stopped by it and paid $5 and fed them. I fed a 3 year old female who had a weakness for banana leaves. I gave her a lot and when I was about to walk away, she shouted at me and it was a way for her to ask me to feed her more. So I bought more banana leaves and fed her and she was happy again.

20821218_10214280658880048_623480110_o.jpg     20813554_10214280660960100_1170322638_o.jpg


20840041_10214280660360085_714405961_o.jpg    20821272_10214280659120054_212781963_o.jpg

I felt sad though seeing all these elephants in chains unlike the ones we saw in Thailand. They are not free. And they carry people too which is a shame. Among them there was a white elephant, so maybe an albino elephant. Rare. Only found in Laos.

As we went back to Luang Prabang we stopped  by Mount Phousi where I had a pano view over the city and the surroundings mountains and the legendary Mekong. We check ed out soon after and we took our 12 hour bus to Vientiane.



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