We arrived at 5:00 in the morning and I was already K.O.-ed. We followed this italian couple in a taxi. They were staying in a very nice 5 star hotel. But as it was expensive and I don’t really value accommodation in Asia. Therefore, we just had breakfast. But I must admit their break was absolutely fantastic. The best I’ve had so fat.

I found again my dear coconut balls with garlic and also, mango shakes. Lovely.

Then I found on the opposite side of the river a guest house with reasonable pricing, which was owned by a French couple.

So, I thought why not? After the guy explained to me what Luang Prabang was all about I understood it was a tiny city surrounded by mountains and there was not really much do apart from the waterfall, elephants, and temples. I enquired about the scooter rental.

Minimum – $15/day Manuel Moped

I was explained that here everything was expensive because everything was imported. Laos had no industry. The roads are narrow and dangerous. I’m not even mentioning there are some bandits in the jungle and just sit there waiting for tour buses to pass and to hijack them.

I also had a flyer distributed by the hotel about foreigner do’s and don’ts and 2 of the shocked me:

  1. Do not give money to begging children on the streets because either it’s to encourage them to remain on the streets as beggars or they are forced in labour for a local mafia/gang.
  2. “DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN”. It was explained that many children to go bars and clubs and offer sex to foreign tourists to make a living apparently as there are many tourists that come to Laos for the sex tourism.

That was enough to make me puke my breakfast.

On the first day, I was groggy but I decide to walk around the city. Actually, it should have been called a village because it was so freakin small! We just walked around by the Mekong river side and the affluent. There were pretty little restaurants by the riverside and open bars. We visited some temples and the same feature over and over again. Nagas, Buddhas, artefacts, etc. The nature there was beautiful though. Clean, natural, untouched…if only there was more of this in the world instead of shopping malls.



We wanted to go to the main attractions such as the waterfall called “Kuan Si” tomorrow.

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