Day 37: Vientiane

We left by bus at 21:30 on this goddamn bus with ridiculous sleep seats. UNDERSIZED! Because asians are tiny petite people while this tall ass french man (me) can’t even tuck in my feet as they were sticking out the whole time.

The mountain roads were going up and down so my head was banging against something each time. We stopped in the middle of the night for the toilet break. I was half asleep. But I noticed that one of the bus drivers was holding an AK-47. I was like wtf?! Among us were 4 other buses. And the other drivers were carrying those guns too and I thought that maybe we are in a dangerous zone. I was waiting to go to the bathroom when suddenly a woman who couldn’t hold it anymore just peed in front of everyone in the dark. Class. Nobody said anything. And once I got in the toilet, there were no lights so I used my iPhone light. And there was a nest of roaches, ants, and spiders. “Nope, can’t do it”, I said to myself. I was looking for another place not too far from the bus so that I wouldn’t have to pee in some insect’s home. In short, I ended up peeing on someone’s door so I quickly took some water and rinsed it. How embarrassing. I felt like a dog. LOL.

In the morning we finally arrived to Vientiane. A capital city which doesn’t even look grand at all. It was a complete joke. It’s a mix of the ghettos and townships. There are 4 monuments, and the Buddha park about 20 from the city. And that’s pretty much it. No malls, no tall buildings. And not even a luxury hotel. I found a good hotel in the centre, it wasn’t so great but pretty good for these people’s standards.



We checked out Buddha Park and it was beautiful and made from many rich people’s donations. Foreign families I guess.  We went back to the city centre and had a look at their “Arch De Triumph”, which looked great from afar but when you get closer it was a flop.


After that we went to lunch and the receptionist recommended s to “Khop Chai Deu”, a lounge restaurant with beautiful decoration and an automatic piano playing music by itself. And my my the most savoury lunch since I came to Asia. Large portions of food with high quality and cheap price. I was living the dream. Imagine for a moment having a sweet potatoes bathing in coconut milk sauce, grilled sausages, and a bullion of pork, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, and spices. And deep fried see grass topped with sesame seeds. These guys made my day. And to top that off, dessert and shakes all all for 25-30 for 2. That was like the main reason for going to Laos at that time. The capital didn’t even entice me.  I liked the place so much I went back the next day for lunch.

Anyways we visited 3 of their main temples and that was about it. Nothing much else to do. So I came up with the decision to spend 1 night in Vientiane and bus back to Bangkok tomorrow. At this point Laos lost my interest.


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