Day 39: Pattaya – City of Prostitutes

Early afternoon we took a bus to Pattaya. It’s only a 2 hour drive to get there. On the bus there was a weird  middle aged Spanish guy talking to us. After telling us the usual stuff,…
 “Where are you from?” What do you do? First time in Asia?” He started to talking about Pattaya and all the sex clubs and promiscuous streets and at the same time he was making his lips wet all the time. Either it was the thought of hookers or he had a saliva problem. Damn pervert I thought.
After we arrived to the hotel I was quite pleased with our resort: Large, comfy and quiet. We decided to have a walk around the city to see what it was like. Actually I was quite pleased it’s not the sex party paradise like the Spanish guy said. It was quite pretty and the beaches were beautiful. Nice bars and restaurants.  Western commerces, international standards. We had a long walk by the seaside it was so beautiful.
20821405_10214288168427782_1582618400_o  20821274_10214288168587786_1446425409_o.jpg
Only a minus. A few transvestites prostitutes. But hey, it’s Thailand so it’s normal and you get used to it.
Later on we passed through Pattaya’s Red Light District. Many whores, and a lot of bars…for whores, and of course trannies. And professionals asking if you want a BJ. We ran away from these Babylonians. And apparently it’s not the worst to be seen. There’s a damnation street called: “Walking Street”. There it was even worse. This is where all the Russian and British tourists go for debauchery.
On the way it was nightfall. We passed y the night market for food. It was quite nice. And as we walked home we saw lots of sugar daddies with girls probably…half their age. And grandpas with hookers too. But that’s the centre. Where our resort is located there’s none of that thank god.


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