Day 40: The Temple of Truth

“Prasat Mai” as they call it. Was something unusual, terrific and interesting. A wooden made temple that was 60 meters high situated by the sea and had carvings of Chinese mythological characters. And Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu.  It costed 500 baths to get in.
But it was completely worth it and unseen in the rest of South Eastern Asia.
It’s 105 meters high and the project started in 1981. And it’s supposed to be finished in 2050. This sanctuary is wooden made to remind people about our short existence and the spirit of eternity. Inside they put holy relics and of course, the King’s portrait as he died a year ago.
The country is still mourning actually.  He’s almost worshipped as a god as well as we he was a big contribution to Thailand’s development. He took many of his people out of misery. He was also a talented musician and drawer. He married a beautiful and smart woman. But, apparently his son, the new King, is known for his drug scandals and prostitute addictions. Anyways, the wooden carvings are masterpieces from talented craftsmen, who spends countless hours to make an accurate job.
The temple is not painted yet and they didn’t finish to lay the slates on the roofs. But still, it looks already very impressive. It’s definitely a must-see. After that, we visited the city driving by the seaside visiting more temples and buying tasty exotic fruits. La Dolce Vita!

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