Day 41: Koh Lan “A dollar and no more”

We reach Pattay’s port at 9am thanks to the taxi bus. And we boarded a ferry for 1 dollar. Pretty cheap. I took us a good hour to get to our destination: Koh Lan Island. As soon as we reached the port. This place smelled…smelled, stunk should I say the tourist trap. Bloody hundreds of dudes on the beaches. With restaurants, bars, rentals, snorkelling, driving stuffs everywhere. We had a quick lunch. Before walking to the next beach. At about a kilometre away from here. Hoping to find a quiet and less cheesy place. Hell no!

It was even worse, the boat rejected oil in the sea and it smelled of gas while you were relaxing at the beach.  So we moved to a 3rd beach no far from where we were. It was a little better.  But still…not so clean. I didn’t want to bathe in dirty waters. Therefore, I paid a dollar to shower. And we decided to come back to the continent.

On the way back, I listened to a Russian couple conversation. Long story short: They bought a package- 1 Day/Monkey Island + 1 Day/Kon Lan + 1 night/Accomodation. Apparently, they paid $200. And they were not so happy about it. I could also agree with them too. They got gipped. I was gonna go visit other islands but after hearing that story, it just wasn’t worth it.

I’ll just chill at my hotel and visit local places nearby instead. Too many tourist traps in Asia.


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