Day 2: “A Moment of Absolution”

Last night was great. We randomly walked into the night with no plans and we found these lovely little bars within the city center with live music and dimmed lighting.
Thursday evening is usually quiet but luckily we met a couple of students who indicated us good places to go to. By the palace square, there are bar – clubs. Bar on the ground floor and club in the basement. We went to a couple of those until they closed the place at 3 am. Quite early.

We walked downtown and we were amazed by the 19th century architecture. Done by a French guy who became King 🤴 of Norway 🇳🇴 thanks to Napoleon.

In the morning we bought a lovely breakfast to the apartment, before eating it on our lovely balcony. We admired the view over the sea. And the local port.


We are now dashing off to the Viking Island 🌴 by boat🚣. The fiords were amazing 😉. The boat went around the many little islands with colorful houses. The air was fresh and pure and Mother Nature was at its very best. The ride last 2 hours we ended on an island opposite Oslo. As got off, I spotted an interesting museum: “Kontiki”. I was aware of what Kontiki was as I saw the movie 🎥 unlike Amit and Jake and drew them in. The museum is all about Thor Heyerdahl and his 3 main ocean journeys. The first and the main one: The Kontiki Journey, named after the Inca Sun ☀ God meant to demonstrate that. About 1,500 years ago the South Americans discovered Tahiti and traded with Asian in the Pacific Ocean. Leaving Lima with a handmade wooden boat and weak chances of success, Thor and his 5 men went on this journey to demonstrate his theory was right. After a 111 day-journey and experiencing many near-death experiences, the exhausted crew finally reached Tahiti and were world-wide famous for this extraordinary voyage. Thor went on many expeditions like this one and invested most of his fortune on scientific research. He is considered to be one of the most famous Norwegians in the world. The museum holds the original Kontiki boat and the Rai boat that served for an Atlantic expedition and a Golf Sea expedition. Very interesting. And animated museum I reckon.

We took a bus 🚌 back to Oslo and went back to the apartment for a power 💥 nap when an unexpected ring woke us up! It was John !!! He was not supposed to Come to Oslo because of a last minute event. But finally he made it! All of us were surprising happy 😃 and we went out for another crazy 😜 night out.

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