Day 3: “Recovery”

Last night was quite swell. We went to different bars and a club in front the City Hall. Not particularly crazy but it was a nice Hangout. The next day was a chill-out/power up moment with sports club/spa. Lucky enough, the receptionist guy had a crush on Jake. Therefore we got in for free. It was amazing and a one-off. Jake spent most of his time working out. Whereas John and I spent 2 hours in the spa. I told John that whilst everyone asleep this morning, I sneaked outside and I threw myself into the sea by our apartment. There’s an artificial beach, long chairs and a diving spot. The water was about 2-3 degrees but it was fine. As I do that a lot at the sport club in Russia. All this sounded like madness to John.🤣🤣🤣 After all we headed back to the apartment and I offered the guys to go trekking to the hill facing our artificial island. Amit refused though he spent the whole day at the apartment. John stayed in for a nap. Only Jake came to accompany me. We took a 30-minute walk to the Hill’s top but we got lost on the way. And we came across an interactive satanic modern art stuff in the middle of the night.

It was some kind of projections about naked woman waving a satanic
Flag and a black guy’s head talking freak stuff. The kind of “modern art masterpiece” from a wanker just to get attention. We reached the top of the hill and again a weird light to scare walkers with a microphone telling spooky stuff to scare you as well as this blinking light 💡. Not very effective.😐 We eventually found a much more interesting spot in a high-class restaurant with a panoramic view all over Oslo.

This one looked the part. I asked the “major d’hommes” if there was any table available for 4. He replied that there was 1 but until 19:15 and it was already 17:30. I called Amit and urged him to grab a cab and come up to the restaurant but in the end John and him didn’t manage to make it on time. We, instead, found a typical Norwegian restaurant downtown.


Not exactly the same standards but food quality and portions were honest. Enjoyable moment. After-what we headed to an unusual venue: a multi-atmosphere bar called “Him Kok” rated “Best lounge bar” worldwide by the NYT. The queue was long. The rain was pouring down but it was worth the wait. There were 5 different rooms: the cocktail terrasse, the wine 🍷 room, the barber shop, the ale room and the beer 🍺 tavern with beautiful decorations, open space and bright lightning. We then moved to a different bar and outside dance floor.

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