Oslo Road Trip, Day 1: “Good Start” 🤣

After an exhausting 10 hour trip from St Petersburg to Helsinki by shuttle van and then by Plane ✈ to Oslo I finally met again with my British friends: Jake and Amit. I was lucky enough to arrive an hour before them. We found train tickets to “Oslo S city center”. As soon as we arrived to the main station, Jake and Amit wanted to draw some cash 💰. Unfortunately for Amit he draw sterling pounds 💷 instead of kronas and reach his daily limit for drawing and Jake got his card blocked. That’s a good way to start…

On the other hand, it’s sunny 😎 and beautiful. The city is very welcoming аnd I already like this place. After walking a little while to the docks we found our holiday rental by the sea 🌊 conveniently located at a 10 min walk from the city center. Amit found the ideal place at the ideal price. Luxury condo at £55/night per person. Low season fare. Pretty decent. The district is pretty much the equivalent of the golden triangle in St Petersburg. After settling and had a little rest we grabbed a sandwich 🥙 and went for the 13:00  bike 🚲 tour.

We met the tour organiser a cool American. There were also a mother and a daughter from Luxembourg, 🇱🇺 1 Canadian girl, and us 3. The American was very knowledgeable about the historical event and districts of the city. We learned many interesting facts about monarchy in Norway, 🇳🇴 the achievements of the great architects and visited many famous parks. The city is so clean and the air so pure. It’s such a pleasure walking around. But that’s a true shame everything is outrageously expensive. We went to a pizza place, it’s was 25€/person for a pizza and 2 tiramisus. A pack of 6 beers is minimum 22 euros. And we got lucky it’s low season because the apartment rental would be 900 euros/night in summer.
Tonight we’re gonna check the nightlife. Stay connected.



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