Day 1 – Montauroux & Avignon

As soon as we arrived to Marseille airport, we took our rental car 🚗, a lovely brand new Fiat Punto. We drove to Montauroux to meet some friends. The weather was mind and sunny.

A festival of autumn color surrounded us. We went on top of the hill, we had hot tea and cake, over the panorama facing us. Late afternoon, we drove to Avignon to my family, where everyone greeted us. It was a great pleasure to see everyone 😊😊😊. In the evening, one of our friend Tanguy invited us to an unusual new restaurant called “La Maison de la Tour” (“The Tower House”). My friend Tanguy who’s a Champaign provider, supplies this Restaurant.

When we went in, there was a massive reception. Lots of people. Getting a bit confused, I asked where was our table. A gentlewoman led me to the kitchen to a big tiled table. I was quite surprised.😮 The Chef reassured us, saying it was a place “for friends only”. As there was nowhere else to sit inside or outside in the restaurant. Soon after my friend Tanguy and his girlfriend came over.

I missed his cheerful face since we didn’t see each other for 1 year.

Everybody was happy 😃. The chef 👨‍🍳 came and introduced us the menu like a maestro would lead an orchestra. We decided to go for the delicious “Saucisson Brioché” and the veal belly with champignon 🍄 sauce and veg sider. It was just fantastic.

In the end, the chef offered us a few drinks of his personal rum mixed with orange and lemon zest cinnamon and cardamon. Strong and tasty. The bill was a bit spicy too🌶, 45 euros/ person, but definitely a very good address. I recommend “La Maison 🏠 de la tour”.

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