Day 2- San Antonio & Houston

I can really say, that American continental breakfasts are a great way to start the day!! I’m a big eater, and this is breakfast definitely fills my appetite. The breakfast was composed of boiled and fried eggs, sausage, greek yogurt, all types of cereals, oatmeal, toasted read with butter and jelly, pancakes and waffles with maple syrup. 🥓🍞🍳🍇🍌Not a bad way to start the day!!

After our ginormous meal, we decided to make way over to Houston, but not before checking our handy trip advisor. Apparently, Houston is very corporate, from “Galeria” the largest shopping mall in Texas, to the space center, we had so much to visit. There is also no small number of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and much more!! 😎😁Once there, we stoped by a Macy’s department store, which, I have to say, is one of my favorite in the US. They have all the newest brands very great discounts raging from 20 up to 80 percent.😧

I immediately rushed over to the Ralph Lauren section where I made quick work of the polos, pull-overs, and shirts. I only shop in the U.S. they have the best brands and the best quality, not to mention the unbeatable prices. 😅😅After getting a taste for nice clothing and cheap prices, we made our way over to “Galeria”. It is so big, that I’m sure that someone must have gotten lost at some point. It is so big, it has its own Macy’s with an artificial waterfall inside!! I’ll let you imagine how big this place is. Here we bought some extra clothes and shoes using a visitor discount.

One piece of advice if you’re a foreigner, you can ask for a visitor discount and you’ll get an additional 10 percent off on all your purchases. As a work and travel participant, once you have your home address and social security number, you can even apply for a Macy’s credit card and enjoy a 25 percent discount!!🤙🏻😁 Although I needed some new clothes, my main reason for visiting the “Galeria” was to buy myself an iphone X,📱🙌🏻 which is much cheaper than Europe or Russia, going for 999$. You can get some of your hard earned money back by getting a tax return on all your purchased products, but you can only do this in Houston, Dallas, and El Paso. Texas has the lowest taxes on products after Nevada.

There are a number of Tax return agencies in big shopping malls which offer their services for all products over 12$. 💵💸💰The agency takes a 50% commission, but it is still a lot of money back in your pocket. This is not so much about how much you paid in taxes but rather on how much cheaply you got your stuff, so always check the clearance section!! After all my shopping I got a 90$ 💵cash return which isn’t bad at all. After our shopping venture we decided to check out the 64 meter waterfall located at right in the middle of the city center, surrounded by skyscrapers, it is really quite an impressive sight!📸🌆😍 Soon after, we had a quick Mexican lunch before heading out to San Antonio, where our couchsurfer host, Steve, was waiting for us.

I was very tired from the plane and journey but the straight and large roads made the trip much easier. We arrived in the evening, where Steve greeted us with that famous American smile. He was thirty years old, and was an engineer working for the U.S. military, originally from Orlando Florida.🤯👍🏻👀😁 He came across as a very smart person, and kind person, over all, a very easy person to talk to. According to Steve, San Antonio is small, but has a lot to offer, the next day we saw this first hand.

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